Come Worship with Us

We belong to the Religious Society Of Friends, sometimes called Quakers. George Fox founded the Friends Church in the 1650’s in England. Fox believed that the presence of God was found within people rather than the churches. He experienced what he referred to as “openings”, times when he felt God was speaking directly to him. We don’t need a priest or a minister to intervene for us with God.
Quaker became a derisive nickname for Fox and others who shared his belief in the Biblical passage the people should ” Tremble at the Word of the Lord “. Fox and his group eventually embraced the term but the official name is Religious Society of Friends.
In the early years, the Quaker beliefs were considered radical. We believe that men and women are spiritual equals and women have a right to speak out during worship. We have even had women ministers! We don’t have rituals like some religious organizations do. Remember we believe that everyone has the light of God within them.


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