Cane Creek was established 1751. A delegation of Friends led by Abigail Pike and Rachel Wright rode horseback to Perquimans County to request permission to start the meeting. It was granted. The Perquimans Ministry and Counsel recorded Abigail Pike as a minister for Cane Creek.

Friends have always recognized women as ministers and missionaries. Leadership is expected by all members. A minister’s roll is to encourage.

Cane Creek held its first session of Monthly Meeting 10 month 7, 1751.

The first Cane Creek Meetinghouse was not on the present site. It was about 2 miles east. William Marshall donated the land for the 1764 Meetinghouse to be built. The third Meetinghouse was destroyed by fire in 1879 and a similar fate befell the fourth in 1942. After only 10 months the present building was complete and services resumed.

Sylvan Academy was established in1866 as Friends have a strong support for education.

The first paid minister hired in 1818 was only part time. In 1941 Elbert Newlin was hired as the first full time minister.

Pearl Griffin donated land for the first parsonage built in 1947. The present parsonage was built on land donated by David Carter.